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What's Inside

Automated Fluorescence Microscope

A state-of-the-art automated fluorescence microscope with highly focused LED light source, virtually maintenance free, generating little heat and not photobleaching FITC as fast as mercury lamps do

Motorized Scanning Stage

A motorized scanning stage for substrate slides. Zenit G sight’s XY-motorized scan stage holds up to 8 slides (containing various number of wells) and is equipped with a barcode reader. For maximizing accuracy, a large area is scanned (from 1 to 220 fields per well).

CCD Camera

The high-sensitivity CCD camera of the Zenit G sight system captures clear, high-contrast fluorescence images.


Innovative software that manage and control the entire experimental workflow guaranteeing optimal image capture and processing, fully automated analysis of immunofluorescence signals and efficient data storage and management.

Image Interpretation / Evaluation

Zenit G Sight software processes the fluorescence signals and ensures an objective reading: it automatically analyzes signal intensity and distribution in each sample. A cut-off level was set in order to minimize the risk of “false negatives”. After the positive-negative differentiation step, a mathematical algorithm automatically assigns the observed fluorescence, for example, to one of the five basic patterns in the case of HEp-2 substrate.

Data Retrieval and Sharing

The Zenit G Sight software database search option allows easy retrieval of previous results. Online data access and exchange are also possible.

About Us

A. Menarini Diagnostics srl

Since its founding in 1976, A. Menarini Diagnostics has distinguished itself as one of Europe's leading diagnostics companies by offering healthcare professionals cutting edge, hi-tech solutions in line with their diagnostics needs. For over 35 years, A. Menarini Diagnostics has proven to be a flexible and trustworthy partner, providing the market with top quality products and after sales services and guaranteeing an extensive and longstanding knowledge of today’s markets and expectations. A. Menarini Diagnostics: more than three decades dedicated to exceeding the technological needs of Europe’s most prominent healthcare professionals in the fields of diabetes (both Home Glucose Testing and laboratory testing), autoimmunity, urinalysis and cell pathology, as well as enhancing the quality of life of patients all around the world.